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[Company Introduction]

If the characters have a common image in the world and the heart is characterized by the ability to deploy a consistent advertising and promotion between the countries.

Consumer behavior stimulation, as well as characters often utilize child by utilizing the cognitive characteristics of its own, only to various educational materials for destination and, in some literacy rate is high or where verbal communication is a difficult place significance as visual communication media it is being utilized.

Headquarters has aonopoly on the character of the cartoon character chuchu kbs.
Utilization Development direction - Benefits - harmonization / Korean character in the differentiated design / brand image, brand image, party representatives seutika samgo a chance to build.

Brand design, logo design, naming, service design, packaging design, industrial design company specializing Korea Institute of Design Promotion authorized to offer mobile applications, such as online marketing. 

In addition to the Manpower B&CW(Brand & Communication World), has led to this era Visual Paradium Visual Solution provides the best basis for project execution Knowhow competitive practices. 

Recent interest in the brand of the company is higher than ever. Facts about the concept and strategic action plans for the brand is to talk with a lot of attention from the 2010s came as recently recognized rare less inspired for the brand.

With the recession, the choice of consumers becoming more demanding situations product-oriented thinking and strategy selection appears only in accordance with the limitations become more complex.

Products more than that, that would require a more differentiated products that are differentiated only by being put on the right design is the source of its power.

All products must go through a continuous process that should be a deliberate decision by meeting and indeed many consumers in the market.

All courses in this series will act in the memories of the customer for which are engraved the present value of the brand. Of course, pleasing, good, want to buy - Good Image premise is an absolute requirement of the customers who purchase more competitive compared to the more intrinsic value of the goods is not possible any image with the clear message around the calendar to set up a relationship with the goods do you have and give it the core of the outcome, one thing that you are creating a new brand is also a task that can gauge should produce some new images, but the process and the correct management framework to increase despite the importance of design and attention to design in reality we systematically study says that lack Inc. biaenssi W.

We will provide a thorough brand strategy and design strategy for corporate image and to reach the peak. In addition, it raised the image of the company as 'entities (Realty)' with the terms of the life and vitality of the strategic perspective to give the 'identity (Identity)' will become a Partner

Company Profile

Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Seoul, Korea
Product Category: Other Design Services
Main Item / Product: graphic sheet paper, wallpaper strip character, kids room decorating Band wallp
Keywords: graphic sheet paper, wallpaper strip character, Points wallpaper
Main Target Region: World Wide
Representative / CEO's Name: Um Ikgeun
Year Established: 2016

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BNCW Co., Ltd.

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